Animals, People and the Healing Power of Holistic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut, and especially coconut oil, is gaining a reputation as a health food and natural healer. People are using it to improve digestion, clear up skin problems, boost energy levels, aid in weight loss, fight off infections, balance blood sugar, and bring improvement to numerous other conditions.

Virtually every health benefit associated with coconut oil in humans is applicable to animals. In fact, much of what we know about the health aspects of coconut oil was first observed in animals.

Like it or not, scientists often use animals in their research. For instance, we know of coconut oil’s anticancer properties because when researchers feed it to lab animals or apply it on their skin, they don’t get cancer. We know that coconut oil neutralizes a variety of toxins because animals are protected from these poisons if given the oil. Animal studies also demonstrate how and why coconut oil digests easier than other oils and how it is converted into energy rather than body fat, which increases energy, and stimulates metabolism. The antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal effects of coconut oil have been demonstrated in animals. These studies have also shown that coconut oil is well tolerated, causing the animals no harm, unlike many drugs and other treatments.

So it makes sense that coconut oil can be of great benefit to pet owners. Pets, like humans, suffer from a variety of health problems. Coconut oil offers a simple, inexpensive, and easy remedy to many of these problems. Over the years I’ve heard numerous testimonies from pet owners describing how coconut oil, as well as coconut meat, has been helpful. Coconut oil has shown to be of benefit to all types of animals including dogs and cats, as well as horses, cows, and other farm animals. Some of the benefits owners have reported include: reduced or elimination of body odor and bad breath; healthier skin and elimination of rashes, itchiness, etc.; coats becoming shinny and healthy looking; improved energy; better digestion; reduction in excess weight; relief from arthritic-like symptoms; cleared-up infections; expulsion of worms; and improved over-all health. Applied topically it aids in the healing of cuts, bites, stings, and infections. There have also been some reports of healing from very serious conditions such as poisoning, cancer, and diabetes.