Playful PuppyGreater Coastal Canine Academy evolved with a mission: to provide education to our canine community.

Below are those topics that we feel all  dog owner’s should know in order to be a better informed owner.

From the time they are on the ground they start to evolve. This subject will include everything from behaviors they develop in the litter, to how they evolve into adults. This topic will also address nature vs. nurture. Any and all aspects of raising a puppy are included.

KBC_3254How Dogs Learn
This will be one of the most important topics that any dog owner needs to know in order to be successful in training any dog. Being able to read a dog, and how a dog matures during the learning process is key to knowing your dog. Our job as the human is to teach our dogs how to not only live in a human world, but to thrive in a human world. How a puppy develops coping skills, as well as how important it is to allow the puppy to learn without stress, is also important information.

The Canine Human Relationship
Building trust, establishing leadership vs. dominance and most importantly being a fair teacher are crucial in any Canine/Human Relationship. A bond is needed in order to create the cooperative relationship that all pet dog owner’s desire.

Puppy TrainingIt is important to understand how certain negative  behaviors develop, such as aggression, dominance, and separation anxiety, and how with proper imprinting they can be avoided.

A strong  foundation is  needed in order to be able to successfully train a dog.  The effects of over indulgence in the human/canine relationship is crucial in the development of a young puppy.

Obedience Training
Once a foundation is built, trust is established, and boundaries have been set, obedience training is the integral part of your commitment that solidifies your role as pack leader.  We offer training, from simple manners, such as walking on
a leash, to competition or advanced obedience. Developing handling skills, using the proper training equipment, utilizing hand and voice commands, are all covered. Understanding the importance of the three phases of training;
The Imprinting Phase, The Teaching Phase, and the Proofing Phase.

Canine Health Care
_DSC4048Basic knowledge of vaccination protocols, and general health care such as heartworm prevention, bloat, poison plants, and flea and tick prevention. Encouraging the importance of spaying and neutering as it relates to the overall health of the dog. We are also active in The Canine Cancer Awareness Foundation.

IsisCanine Nutrition is on the fore front of all pet dog owners minds. Providing the necessary nutritional requirements is essential in keeping our dogs healthy and happy. What role does the AAFCO play in determining what our dogs eat. You will learn to read dog food labels, and know how to determine what is in dog food. Choosing a premium dog food vs. a cheap commercial food, and how we are weakening our dogs immune systems by using cheap foods.

Conventional medical care VS. Holistic care
This is the newest controversy in the canine world. Do we vaccinate, or not, do we use NSAIDS or herbs to relieve pain. It is important to be abreast of all the latest information in all forms of health care as it applies to our dogs.

DSC00125Dog Organizations
The AKC is the top breed organization in the country. We will look at all the protocols and standards they require as they pertain to pure bred dogs. We will address pedigree’s and how to read them. You can obtain all necessary information on this subject by visiting their website at:

Our resource center
We have a large selection of books that address many of the topics we promote. We invite you to come visit, sit and relax, and explore those area’s that interest you the most.