Is what we feed our dogs actually killing them?  

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Leave me aloneLet me first say that I am not a veterinarian. I am a professional dog trainer, dog mom, and an advocate for feeding my dogs a healthy diet. In short, you will discover that my journey into canine nutrition began with one very special dog, Sammy, i.e. “Rambo” that after a cancer diagnosis was given six weeks to live. Although conventional medicine would unlikely confirm my experience as being viable, I will gladly inform you that my dog survived his death sentence by 5 ½ years. He died at the age of 13 ½ and did not lose his life to Cancer.

Me and my ballSammy’s diet consisted of nothing but whole foods. Fresh organic meats and vegetables were the primary source of his diet. I have provided Sammy’s cancer diet at the end of this article.

Ellen Carey, Greater Coastal Canine.

Yes, I do believe that in large what most feed our dogs could very well be killing them.  This is an unfortunate but true to me statement. No different from us, what we put inside our dogs bodies is one of the most important factors in determining their health, wellbeing, and longevity. I learned this fact the hard way from my own personal experience with my dog Sammy.

DSC00075In brief, Sammy was my German shepherd. He was the love of my life, and one of the reasons I became a professional dog trainer. At eight years old Sammy was diagnosed with Hermangiosarcoma of the spleen, an aggressive cancer, with a bleak prognosis. I was informed that Sammy had only six weeks left to live and that at the stage the cancer had
progressed, chemotherapy was not an option.

Once the blow of his diagnosis settled in, I became obsessed with understanding canine cancer as a whole, and for those of you that have been down this road, we all know that a whole lifetime of research will Sierra Exif JPEGnever be enough. However, I can share with you the one most valuable piece of information that kept rearing its head in regards to cancer:
Commercial Dog Food; and the role it plays as a possible cause of cancer in our dogs. I also learned about
nutrition as a tool in the treatment of Canine Cancer. So began the journey: What was I really feeding
my dogs, and what was I going to change.

Prior to Sammy’s diagnosis, I always felt that feeding my dogs Pro Plan was a good food. Like many of you, mass marketing, and good advertising led me to believe that Purina Pro Plan was actually a healthy option for my dogs. Since the first ingredient was Chicken than it had to be good.  Needless to say, the more I learned the more I was not only
mortified, but quilt ridden as well. Was the dog food I was putting inside Sammy’s body, the culprit that was most likely ending his life?

For some of you reading this article, the information will not be news. However, my objective is to offer usable information for those that are not aware of the health consequences of feeding a poor commercial diet to their dogs.

Sierra Exif JPEGNext page is information obtained from years of research and fact finding. Books, vets, and the internet all proved to be valuable resources. However, deciphering the information into usable and practical knowledge was difficult. I have pulled from my notes, only the top layer of information, that I felt most crucial for all health conscious dog owners. All resources are made available as is a recommended reading list.


Sammie earned his Schutzhund III title, 3 times. And advanced IPO