Sierra Exif JPEGDogs are and will be for  many years to come a constant in so many of our lives. They bring us joy and smiles,  and if given the opportunity, they will teach us how to be the human they want us to be.

Yet, over the years I have witnessed  too many dogs come for training with behavioral issues that in my opinion stem from what I call improper imprinting.  Meaning, as puppies they were not given the opportunity to be taught what their humans expect from them. Without proper imprinting,  a puppy will have a difficult time evolving in a human world.

As trainers, we feel very passionate about the importance of education in our canine community. Greater Coastal Canine Academy evolved to bring education into DSC_3052peoples lives to learn how to communicate fairly, build a trusting relationship, and enjoy all aspects of owning a dog. I am convinced that so many older dogs have been to our facility for training could have arrived with far fewer issues had their human had the tools and knowledge to be able to show their puppies what is expected correctly; smacking a puppy in the face with a newspaper is not the correct way to deal with
puppy biting, etc…

Our shelters in this country are overrun with unwanted animals. It is our belief that many of them are given up as older dogs due to behavioral issues that developed because as puppies they were not taught correctly, and the result was an out of control adult dog.

20130926_141109_resizedI stand by my theory that if you are going to get a puppy, or even an older rescue dog, teach it what it needs to know so that your new furry friend can thrive in your human world. Allowing the puppy to learn creates a more cooperative relationship throughout the relationship. If you are fair in your teachings you will build trust, the foundation to any relationship, be it human or canine.

The objective of our school is to guide you and your best friend through the learning process. Although it is geared to teach you, your  dog will benefit from your knowledge. As you journey on your path  provides you with how to deal with those annoying behaviors by redirecting them into a positive learning experience.

Bird_kOur training methods are based on a motivation/reward system. Allowing a dog to learn with these methods insures a happy pet in the long run. Your training program is a series of steps that allow you and your dog to learn through positive reinforcement. Once the learning phase of your training is understood, you will continue on to working through distractions.

Our goal is to bring education, responsible pet dog ownership, and a solid foundation for training to all our clients. We strongly encourage an open line of communication with your trainer. If your having a problem please let us know. Our staff of trainers is always available to assist you. Congratulations on making the decision to train your dog. It is a special gift that you are giving yourself and your best friend!