Trouble-08Beginner Lessons and Socialization:  All breeds and ages.

Our beginner program is different from most. Although we do recognize the importance of socialization in a young dogs life, we do not incorporate socialization and beginning obedience in the same lesson.  Although your socialization program is included in the cost of your private lesson package, they are at separate times. A brief agenda for an 8 week private lessons package:

1. Attention Training: This is an absolute must. Your dogs must first learn to pay attention to you in order for training to be successful.

2. Jumping: We address jumping very early on in your training. All aspects of this annoying behavior are addressed from prevention, stopping existing jumping, and meeting and greeting new people.

P10000303. Coming When Called: This is the most important command that every dog should know reliably. We begin teaching this command from the basics and give you and the tools you will need to teach a reliable recall.

4. How your dogs learn: Every dog owner needs to have a basic understanding of how dogs learn in order to be able to communicate effectively.

5. Walking on a loose leash.

6. How to build a healthy relationship with your dog: Leadership roles are essential when working with your dog. All aspects of this important topic are addressed. We teach you to be a firm leader, but a fair leader. Everything is through a motivation reward  system.

KBC_32547. How to play properly with your dog: We cover all the details of how to prevent resource guarding, how to train your dogs to  retrieve and the proper way to offer your dog toys.

8. How to select the proper training equipment.

9. For young puppies (8-16wks): Housebreaking, crate training and puppy biting are all addressed.

10. Basic Obedience Commands are covered for all ages: Sit, stay, come, down, watch, leave it, and leash training.

All private lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Evaluations are required prior to signing up for any program. Weekend classes are available if scheduling allows. We are booking very quickly for weekends, so if you need a slot please call soon.